Bali has long been synonymous with global beach getaway fantasies. With some delicious beaches, warm waters and luxury hotels, it has everything most holidaymakers could wish for.

However, it should also be noted that a few of the beaches away from the more upmarket resorts can, on occasion, be surprisingly dirty, with rubbish and flotsam common in some locations, particularly true of the west coast Kuta and Legian strips, which also suffer from a continual stream of hawkers. Recent initiatives have been introduced to clean up Bali’s seafronts, and will hopefully continue to result in the considerable improvement thus far attained.

As Bali is also a world hotspot for surfing, depending on place and the time of year, some of the oceanic swells, which draw the enthusiasts to particular beaches, may occasionally be less well suited to casual swimming. Although swimming and surfing are not mutually exclusive, your choice of beach will very much depend on what you are looking for, particularly if you are bringing the kids. 

In general, during the dry season, which runs from April to October, the calmest locations are on its east coast beaches, while the surf is at its peak on Bali’s west coast, with the situation reversing during the wet season from November to March. 

Due to their proximity to Bali’s active volcanoes the northern beaches are mostly comprised of dark sand and pebbles and the golden and white sand beaches are found in the south, around the Bukit Peninsula. 

The best choice for a family with small children are the very clean long golden strips of Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa Beaches, on the eastern side of the Bukit peninsula, backed by luxury hotels and generally offering calm current-free swimming during the dry season. A little way north Sanur beach is also popular with particularly older families, though good as it is for swimming, at high tide the beach itself becomes rather narrow.

On the west side, situated just above the peninsula, Kuta is Bali’s most famous and busiest beach, and is the original surf destination, with strong currents. Because of its popularity, particularly with backpackers, it is usually crowded and has something of a party atmosphere, particularly at night. 

To the north of Kuta, Legian beach provides a slightly less frenetic alternative, and beyond, Seminyak beach is a noticeably cleaner, quieter and more upmarket beach, while to the south of Kuta, past the airport, Jimbaran Beach is a lovely 4km stretch of sand, with the surf generally much lighter, being more suited to body surfing than boarding, and therefore better suited to swimming.

Starting on the peninsula’s west coast a string of pretty cove beaches stretch south from Jimbaran to the famous cliff-top Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple, and follow the rocky coastline along the southern tip all the way round to Nusa Dua. Although most of these remote beaches are prized for their surfing potential, and mostly only suited to experts, the often spectacular settings make a visit worthwhile for anyone.

Of these, Balangan beach is a fine stretch of sand, and considered by many as one of Bali’s best, away from the developed bustle of kuta. Following south, Dreamland, is the most developed, while the diminutive Impossibles, Bingin and Padang Padang beaches are set in pretty coves, while isolated Suluban beach is only accessible through a cave. Situated beneath the temple of the same name, the tiny but spectacular Uluwatu beach is a beautiful setting to enjoy the wild sea and watch the surfers. 

Along the southern edge of the peninsula more hidden beaches await the visitor, including the magnificent white sand Nyang Nyang beach, beyond Uluwatu Temple, which requires a descent of 500 steps. Further along the rocky coastline, a small private gem can be found at Finn’s beach club, which can be accessed for a fee, via an inclinator, providing for an interesting entry to its restaurant, bar and well-equipped facilities.

Country: Bali - Indonesia
Type of holiday: Classic, Beach
Destinations: Around Bali
Duration: 8
Guideline price: US$ 732     (per person for Superior accommodation)
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This tour offers a full view of the incredible artistic and cultural traditions for which this island is known, along with visits to its extensive historical sites. Peaceful villages, innumerable temples, traditional dance performance, archaeological sites, and fantastic volcanic mountain views are all part of the experience. Oh, did we mention beach time – don’t leave Bali without it!

Country: Bali - Indonesia
Type of holiday: Beach, Luxury
Destinations: Around Bali
Duration: 14
Guideline price: US$ 4425     (per person for Superior accommodation)
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On this tour, discover the famously vibrant culture of Bali, along with its dreamlike landscapes of verdant rice fields, Seminyak's thriving night-life, and enjoy an idyllic picnic amidst the terraced fields of Jutiluwih. Spend an unforgettable night on board the Ikan Terbang; explore the island of Rinca for a chance to glimpse Komodo dragons, wild deer and boar, and snorkel the pristine waters off Gili Trawangan. After this expedition, you will long remember Indonesia as a truly incredible destination.

Country: Bali - Indonesia
Type of holiday: Beach, Diving
Destinations: Around Bali
Duration: 12
Guideline price: US$ 0     (per person for Superior accommodation)
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Discover the beautiful island of Bali, “Island of the Gods”, and set sail to wild Komodo Island. Begin your journey in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali and a haven for rejuvenation and retreats. Later, board your luxury private sailing vessel the Alexa, built in the traditional Indonesian Phinisi style, to enjoy an exotic, romantic adventure exploring Komodo National Park and nearby islands. Close out your holiday in style, within easy reach of spas and shopping boutiques, on the smooth sands of Bali’s Seminyak Beach.
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