Malaysia’s climate is fairly uniform, prone to high humidity, varies little throughout the year and is generally warm and sunny with temperatures ranging from 23-33°C all year round. 


Both sunshine and rain, usually falling in short bursts during the afternoon, are probable at any time of year, with an average of one out of every two days encountering showers.


On the western coast of the peninsula the months of March to May and October to January see the most frequent and heaviest showers, whist the east peninsula and Borneo encounter their highest rainfall during the period from November to March.


In the Cameron Highlands, whilst generally following the pattern of the west coast peninsula, is generally wetter and distinctly cooler with a temperature range of 13 -23°C throughout the year, with greatly reduced humidity levels.


Borneo’s rainfall is considerably more pronounced and frequent than on the peninsula, with the highest rain typically experienced in January.


The average temperature of northern Borneo ranges minimally throughout the year from 27°C - 34°C, and is seldom overbearingly hot or cold, though humidity is high. The clearest weather is usually experienced in the mornings. 


In Kota Kinabalu, temperature swings are more pronounced, with daytime temperatures occasionally climbing higher than average to a very hot 38°C and night time temperatures dipping to a surprisingly cool 22°C. 


The upland areas of Sarawak’s Kelabit Highlands and Sabah’s Mount Kinabalu can also experience distinctly cooler conditions, with the summit of Mount Kinabalu close to freezing.


As with Peninsula Malaysia, rainfall can be expected in Sarawak and Sabah year round, usually typified by short heavy bursts, mainly occurring in the afternoons, during the ‘dry’ season, between April and September with quickly clearing skies following.




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