At Haivenu, above all other considerations, we never forget that it is you who is having the holiday and want you to enjoy your travel to the full. It is not our aim simply to sell you something in the hope you might enjoy it, but rather to dedicate ourselves to understanding your real travel goals.

After all, only you and your travelling companions truly know what most drives your holiday aspirations and our vocation is to provide useful and informed advice and to assist you by enabling the fulfillment of your travel desires, whatever your spectrum of interests.

A holiday in Southeast Asia offers an enormous potentiality of visitor experiences and, for those not already familiar with traveling Haivenu style, or who are unfamiliar with the region, we provide a wide variety of tour templates and suggestions, covering many different leisure, sightseeing and exploration possibilities, all of which can be easily adapted in any way to better suit your personal inclinations by adding to or dropping individual elements at will, elongating or shortening the duration of the itinerary to suit, and fine tuning even the smallest details.

You are equally free to combine the most desired elements of several tours as a starting point, should you wish.

However, infinitely adaptable as they are, we do not expect our tour suggestions to suit everyone, and you are entirely free to dream up your own ideal vacation, leaving us to make the detailed arrangements and resolve the practicalities on your behalf.


Whether you are starting entirely from scratch or developing the potentials of one of our templates, contact us with your ideal holiday wishlist. Upon receiving your request, we will appoint one of our team of specialist tour designers best suited to your activity preferences to combine your aspirations into a feasible travel plan inclusive of all your activities, transfers and accommodation.

Once your tour designer has sent you an initial tour plan, you will thereafter remain continually free to change, modify and refine any or all elements, communicating back and forth, until you are completely satisfied with your travel arrangements. 

Importantly, at no stage of the process will you ever enter into any obligation whatever on your part unless and until you decide to proceed with the finalised tour. Of equal importance, no fees are applied to your design consultations, no matter how many re-workings of your tour design you make, and your travel quotation will only ever be adjusted in accordance with the real costs or reductions of any changes, for example, a change of hotel standard or the addition or subtraction of activities.

During the process of refining your tour, your tour designer will also be continually available to you as a source of detailed information, advice and personal assistance to you and throughout will develop an evolving understanding of you and your needs and wishes. 

Our tour designers, though at all times professional, highly efficient and knowledgeable, are also very amiable, approachable and above all real people living in Southeast Asia, who immensely enjoy making new friends and welcoming visitors to discover their homelands.

Should you proceed to travel with us, he or she will also be your personal tour manager during your trip, remaining available to contact whenever required, and will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of your arrangements throughout your holiday, always reassuringly available for help if anything unpredictable should occur. 



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