Haivenu Tours specialise in private, individually crafted holidays throughout Southeast Asia, including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, uniquely and expressively designed around your personal holiday aspirations. Since we are actually based within the Southeast Asian region, we possess unrivalled insightful local knowledge and are also able to ensure the provision of our sophisticated palette of travel possibilities at very affordable prices.


Southeast Asia is graced with some supremely beautiful vistas, some of which are uniquely and profoundly breathtaking, such as the startling topographies of China’s Guilin, Wullingyuan and Huangshan, or the stunning karst formations of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay and Thailand’s Phang Nha Bay. The Bhutanese and Tibetan Himalaya likewise provide astounding high altitude inspiration. The awesome volcanoes of Bali and the Philippines also have a profoundly powerful presence, revealing the inner workings of this fascinating Earth.
With some of the most historically interesting civilisations, the ancient cultures of Southeast Asia have left some remarkable architecture from the mysterious past, such as the great Hindu and Buddhist traditions that gave rise to the fantastical cities of Angkor in Cambodia, Bagan in Myanmar, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya in Thailand. China too, reflects the achievements of the world’s oldest continual tradition, and abounds with historic sites. The heritage of the European colonial era, despite the lingering lament of its legacy, has also thrown up a host of historically interesting hybrid influences throughout the Southeast Asian region.
Southeast Asia is truly blessed with clear warm waters and fine sands to find the ultimate relaxation. As if that wasn’t enough already, some of these sandy coves are framed in truly fabulous landscapes. The most developed resort style beaches are to be found in Thailand, Malaysia, and to a lesser extent Vietnam, Bali and the Philippines. If developed resorts aren’t your thing, the deserted beaches of Myanmar’s Mergui archipelago and the countless myriad beaches of the Philippines provide more than a lifetime’s beautiful beachcombing.
The culturescape of the East is famously full of mystical intrigue and home to the secretive Chinese teachings of Taoism and Kung Fu, the widespread influence of Buddhist thinking, and in the southern reaches of the region, the spires of Islam, Hinduism and even Christianity. Underlying these major world views, however, is a complex weave of yet more ancient beliefs which still infuse and shape the cultural nuances flowing beneath the mainstream surface cultures to this day.
The forests of Asia are among the World’s oldest and are the last refuges of some of the most fascinating and iconic plants, animals and birdlife on earth. Whilst, as everyone knows, these areas are under ecological pressure, there is still a great deal to see, and wildlife trips go a long way to incentivising environmental protection of these last great wildernesses. Offshore too, Southeast Asia is home to some of the World’s most cherished dive sites, with superbly clear waters and a dizzying array of amazing marine life.


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