Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is now offering, on a trial basis, double-decker open-top bus tours around the central Old Quarter. This has us thinking about getting around - so much of a journey is spent in motion, yet it is easy to forget that getting around can be an integral part of the experience, not simply a way to go from A to B. 

Here’s a question for you - what mode of transport do you prefer to best enjoy the trip, not only the destination? You can now explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter (and many other places) by: foot, bicycle, cyclo, xe om (motorcycle taxi), guided Vespa tours, electric car (glorified golf cart) tours, taxi, and now double-decker bus! 

Of course, any tour with Haivenu includes all necessary transport with late-model air-conditioned professionally driven vehicles, but it is worth thinking about some other options to best experience your destination. Here’s a tour focused on giving you the full range of local transport experiences!




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