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Citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland are being granted visa-free entry to Laos, as part of the Lao government’s effort to promote tourism in 2018. Effective throughout the calendar year of 2018, citizens from these Nordic countries will be granted 15-day stays upon crossing the Lao border. Apart from this one-year visa exemption policy for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Laos also offers visa-free entry to citizens of Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Russia and Mongolia, as well as the other nine ASEAN member countries. 

Haivenu Tours is happy to announce that we are now listed on the website TripAdvisor.com. We hope that our page on TripAdvisor will be an effective channel for travellers to post opinions and reviews on their journeys with Haivenu, and will help future travellers learn about us before booking a tour. We invite you to view our page on TripAdvisor and contribute a review here.

A rail journey is a singular way to experience a destination, and Vietnam is uniquely suited to entice rail fans, with the historical Reunification Express running the length of the country and passing countless coastal towns and rural hideaways, making it ideal for hop-on-hop-off exploration. While the train can hardly compete with low-cost air carriers, it gives you an experience of Vietnam that makes a cheap flight seem like a bad deal. Contact us for more detail on how to travel, and really see, the length of Vietnam. 

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