A new Guinness World Record for the largest papier mâché sculpture (supported) has been granted to WWF-Myanmar for creating an elephant just shy of 6 meters high. The project is part of “Voices for Momos”, a conservation campaign calling for an end to the illegal wildlife trade. Meanwhile, Yangon Zoological Garden is about to open its new Elephant Museum, exploring the role of elephants in Myanmar’s culture and the threats facing them in the wild today. While most of our Myanmar tours focus on the more easily accessible, and genuinely remarkable, cultural and architectural wonders, the natural treasures of Myanmar are a worthy attraction in their own right. Contact Haivenu Tours for more details.

Southeast Asia has some amazingly unique local cuisines. The local cuisine secret? Quality fresh ingredients! Haivenu offers culinary tours and cooking classes with guided market visits to touch and taste locally available fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Find more detail in our latest newsletter

The city of Xian, among the great capitals of China’s long history, is home to numerous attractions, perhaps most famously the Terracotta Warriors. An entire army of some 8,000 life-like clay soldiers created with individual expressions and details to stand guard for China’s first emperor, were left buried for over two millennia before being discovered by local farmers in the 1970s. Zhao Kangmin, the archaeologist who first recognized the importance and scale of the discovery, recently passed away at age 82. Today, the Terracotta Warriors can be viewed in a massive museum complex, and even after decades of study, have only been partially excavated. The emperor’s guard still holds many secrets. Contact Haivenu about visiting this amazing site.

Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi is now offering, on a trial basis, double-decker open-top bus tours around the central Old Quarter. This has us thinking about getting around - so much of a journey is spent in motion, yet it is easy to forget that getting around can be an integral part of the experience, not simply a way to go from A to B. 

Here’s a question for you - what mode of transport do you prefer to best enjoy the trip, not only the destination? You can now explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter (and many other places) by: foot, bicycle, cyclo, xe om (motorcycle taxi), guided Vespa tours, electric car (glorified golf cart) tours, taxi, and now double-decker bus! 

Of course, any tour with Haivenu includes all necessary transport with late-model air-conditioned professionally driven vehicles, but it is worth thinking about some other options to best experience your destination. Here’s a tour focused on giving you the full range of local transport experiences!

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