A tuk-tuk driver whose turf is located outside Street 178’s Latin Quarter restaurant, Hout, 25, this week revealed some of the ins and outs of Phnom Penh’s most ubiquitous profession. 
“I use a 2002 Honda Dream with a 125cc engine, which I got from my mother. I’ve been using it since my days as a motodop. It’s theoretically possible to use any motorbike to drive a tuk-tuk, as long as you have the right hook to connect it with the carriage, though some bikes have better fuel efficiency than others.”

Millions of sea turtles have been born on the beaches of Con Dao Islands, 185km south of the southern Vietnamese city of Vung Tau, over the past 25 years, and their ‘midwives’ are the local forest management staff. Taking care of sea turtles consumes most of the time of the rangers on the mountainous archipelago of Con Dao, including 16 islands covering a total area of 76 square kilometers. At night, they take turns to watch for mother turtles to lay eggs in the darkness on sandy beaches, tag the mother reptiles, and pick the eggs to take home and hatch in an incubator. 

An unlikely relationship was found to thrive in the Borneo jungle. One pitcher plant adores its bat tenants for the guano drops they leave behind to feed the plant the nutritious nitrogen. The pitcher plant is known as Nepenthes hemsleyana, and like other pitcher plants in the jungle is labeled as flesh-eating. Unfairly, as Nepenthes hemsleyana long lost the flesh-eating habits, finding instead a different adaptation mechanism to survive.

Designed by Singaporean architect Mok Wei Wei, the new Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum cost $35 million to build. Seven-stories high and resembling a giant moss-covered rock, it houses over one million specimens. Say hello to Prince, Apollonia and Twinky, the gigantic stars of the Natural History Museum. The largest, Prince, was shipped to Singapore in 27 huge, customized crates. It took more than a fortnight to assemble him. Nowadays, the skeletons of these three long-necked diplodocus dinosaurs are the star attraction of Singapore's new Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

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