Huge neon advertisement for Sammy's Kitchen that became a local landmark is deemed an illegal structure and removed after 37 years. When the three-metre-long "neon cow" was dismantled and taken down, Sammy Yip could no longer conceal his sadness as he bade farewell to the sign he designed nearly 40 years ago. "It's sad, but I'm glad it has found a good home," said the 84-year-old restaurateur. "I'm happy that my sign will go to the museum in West Kowloon. At least I can go there and have a look at it from time to time. I have deep emotional attachment to this neon cow."

It is 100 degrees outside. Sweat trickles down your back, and the black glassy asphalt melts your rubber soles, slow-cooking your feet like a hot pot. Downing a hot cup of tea might feel like the last thing you want to do in this kind of weather, but long before the advent of air conditioning, food and drink were used to stay cool. Even today, billions of people in India and China sip on hot cups of tea, despite the hellish temperatures of summer, to keep from overheating. 

One of the best things about northern Vietnam is that while most provinces are rapidly modernizing, villages that boast histories spanning centuries can still be found here and there. What's better, not only their architecture but also their ambiance is almost intact. Follow this link to view photographs of Nom Village.

The massive conversion of Borneo’s forests for the production palm oil together with the impact of climate change is driving to extinction the orangutan on Asia’s largest island, making it “clear that a future without sustainable development will be a future with a different climate and, eventually, without orangutans, one of our closest relatives,” a new United Nations report revealed. Titled “The Future of the Bornean Orangutan: Impacts of Change in Land Cover and Climate”, the report’s lead author Dr. Serge Wich declared: “The current policies for land conversion on Borneo are simply unsustainable” not just for orangutans but for the human population as well.

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