Cambodia and Thailand have joined hands to increase foreign and inter-ASEAN tourism under the “Two Kingdoms, One Destination” tourism pact. Tith Chantha, secretary of state at Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, said Cambodia and Thailand have already created a single-visa option for tourists looking to explore both countries in one trip.

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It took the Wildlife Conservation Division (WCD) officials more than three hours to tranquillise the gaur bull at Chamkuna’s Toorsa embankment in Phuentsholing yesterday. After sedating, it took the officials another two hours to medicate the injured animal. With its right eye completely blind and an injured foot, the gaur was first sighted dawdling in the grassland over the river mounds on June 6.  Foresters in Phuentsholing have been monitoring the animal since then.

With a total land area of just 687 square kilometers, Singapore is among the smallest countries in the world. Therefore, the city-state has always been challenged with two big limitations – space and population size. Despite these challenges, Singapore is home to more than 5.5 million people and has a GDP per capita equal to that of leading European nations – paving the way globally for countries now facing rapid urbanization. With a skyline recognized across the world, the story of Singapore – past present and future – can be told through its buildings.

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When people talk about Vietnam's capital city, they often use the term "the 36 streets of Hanoi.” It is because, at the beginning of the 20th century, the city used to have only 36 streets, most of which are now part of the famous Old Quarter.  Each street had merchants and households specialized in a particular trade. The street names help identify the trades, even though these days the names have lost some of their relevance. Let’s take a look at some rare, century-old photos of these streets.

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