Samkol Sangvar’s rice porridge eatery is just one of many new businesses putting traditional Cambodian street and market foods in a restaurant setting. At Khmer Chicken Porridge, which opened near Kandal market earlier this month, kitchen staff in clean, bright green uniforms serve up the classic Cambodian comfort food to hungry diners seated at varnished wooden tables. It’s not exactly fine dining, but it’s still a far cry from the rice porridge carts that prowl the city streets serving up the dish, known as bobor, in Styrofoam bowls.

Vietnam’s future depends on the efforts and priorities of its postwar generation, especially how they apply technology, panelists said at a Forbes summit Tuesday that honored rising stars in technology.

Deforestation threatens one of the largest evergreen forests in south-east Asia but local patrols are powerless to stop loggers whose livelihoods rely on the timber. Sok Plok and his fellow forestry activists are surprisingly fast for men in flip-flops as they navigate through the thick, thorny vegetation. They have been alerted by the distant humming of tractor engines; a sound that, in this part of Cambodia, normally means illegal loggers are afoot.

Next month, Pek Mith will head to Kallang, Singapore with a very ambitious goal in mind. "I'd like to help put Cambodian basketball on the map," said Mith, a 29-year-old Lowell resident and jeweler.

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