Wars are fought twice, once on the battlefield and later in the remembering. In that way, the Vietnam War – though it ended on the battlefield four decades ago – continues as a battle of memory, history and truth. And the stakes are still high. Honest narratives about important past events can shape our destinies, helping to determine whether there will be more wars or maybe peace.

The Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, the city’s first of its kind, is open to the public on Wednesday, just in time for the Reunification Day, April 30.

Practically isolated from the global market for 50 years, Myanmar is still largely dependent on agriculture. But the country is one of the most at risk from climate change and no one feels these pressures more than the rural smallholder farmers who make up the backbone of its food system and rural economy.

After an estimated 35% of Burma’s largest city was destroyed to make way for new development projects, Moe Moe Lwin is looking to preserve its heritage.

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