Kampot, located on Cambodia’s coastline not far from the border with Vietnam, is perhaps best known for its prized peppercorns, whose memorable flavours are attributed to the unique soil and microclimate of Kampot Province. While Kampot is barely a footnote on most tourism itineraries of Cambodia, this laidback small town has something more than pepper going for it – a vibrant local arts scene embodied by female entrepreneur Khun Gechsoun, aka Soon, who has made a name for herself with original woodcuts and prints, even while offering woodcarving workshops, training disadvantaged women, and running the atmospheric KAMA Café. This is local culture: traditional, inventive, modern and unique. We can take you there

Travel in Laos is an expedition of tasting, smelling and perceiving, with all senses – best accompanied with openness to the unexpected. Morning streets are enlivened with markets hawking vegetables, hungry customers making their way to steaming street kitchens, and gaggles of children cycling to school. Only in a few of the busiest destinations has tourism transformed the local daily rhythms. As a result, travel here remains a pleasurable pathway of individual discovery. We encourage travellers to take time to appreciate the calmness and friendliness of Lao people. Take a look at our sample Laos itineraries, drop us a note to let us know where you’d like to go, and we can create a tour allowing you the space to discover Laos on your own terms.

Thailand is a powerhouse of tourism in Southeast Asia, for good reason – alluring beaches and islands, temples and cultural heritage spanning centuries, and legendarily friendly people and quality service await you here. However, there is more; Northeast Thailand is lightly populated, little explored and chock full of natural treasures and less-visited sites ideal for birders, mountain bikerstrekkers and anyone looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination. Contact Haivenu Tours to find out more about making this region part of your adventure.  

The government of Laos has lengthened visa-free stays for South Korean citizens from 15 to 30 days. The extension to 30 days is seen as a way to boost tourism both during the current Visit Laos Year 2018 and beyond. Laos is seeking to broaden the range of experiences available to visitors in this culturally rich and bio-diverse country, located at the heart of the Mekong sub-region. South Koreans now join travellers from most ASEAN nations with 30 days to spend in Laos sans visa. 

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