Locals in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh have a new transport option, with a water taxi service recently launched on a route following the Tonle Sap, Mekong and Bassac rivers through the city. On dry land, three wheeled ‘tuk-tuks’ have long been a popular and flexible transport option throughout Cambodia, and as the recent über-storm of ride-hailing apps has rocked this market, Piaggio is releasing its classic auto-rickshaw, the Ape, in Cambodia. Plenty of ways to get around once you are here! 
All of our tours automatically include air conditioned, high quality, late model vehicles with professional drivers for your transport. However, a water taxi or tuk-tuk ride can be a wonderful authentic local experience. Talk with us about adding local perspective to your journey.

Consisting of some 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a wonderland for island-hopping and has countless island gems awaiting your discovery. For a full-on private island get-away, we might start our recommendation with Krakal Island. Enclosed within a marine national park, Krakal is an extension of Kura Kura Resort and is a pristine island amidst crystal clear waters, featuring luxurious seclusion and delicious simplicity. Pangkil Island offers a similarly wonderful experience, within easy reach from Singapore, and the Isle East Indies is an incredible private island situated in the Java Sea. These are just the tip of the sandbar, as it were; contact us for more options (17,000 islands – remember?!)

Thailand’s first UNESCO Global Geopark, the Satun Geopark, covers about half of Satun Province, including two national parks and a wildlife sanctuary. The area is renowned for natural beauty and cultural diversity, featuring a spectacular pinnacle karst landscape of sea caves and lagoons which can be visited by kayak, and is home to several minority groups of different cultures and religions. Contact us for more detail about this amazing region of Thailand.

A new exhibit at one of Ho Chi Minh City’s stalwart attractions, Independence Palace, offers a fresh look at the history which has sparked many a voyage to Vietnam. The exhibit, “From Norodom Palace to Independence Palace 1868-1966”, uses interactive videos and creative application of the available space inside the palace to present the story of the place, along with some of the relevant context, making it a welcome addition. Contact us for details about this site and many other attractions you will find in the city and the Mekong region. 

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