Cambodia, in part because of its traumatic past and widespread impoverishment, lags behind many of its neighbours in tourist development, and although for many travellers this forms part of its appeal, it also means that truly stand out accommodation choices for romantic bliss, though they certainly exist, are much less prevalent.

For honeymooners arriving at either of the country’s two international airports, we can arrange for extra touches such as expedited visa stamp and a Vintage car ride to your chosen hotel, to get you into the celebratory mood.

If you arrive in Cambodia via Phnom Penh, there are several fine places to spend your first honeymoon night together, but if you want the full regalia of elegant French colonial grandeur, coloured with the hues of Khmer and Art Deco styles, look no further than the famous Raffles Le Royal Hotel, a byword in luxury.

While in Phnom Penh, you can take advantage of its splendid riverfront location and enjoy a dinner cruise of the three rivers that converge on the Capital, the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Ta Khmau.

If you arrive in Siem Reap, the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor sits in landscaped French gardens and exudes colonial charm and luxury. Just across the street, if you prefer something more contemporary, the sleek spaces of the Amansara Resort and Spa are exclusively set in a former royal residence of the former Cambodian King, Sihanouk.

The Park Hyatt is another stylish contemporary luxury hotel in Siem Reap, and has received praise as lavish as its décor. For couples who prefer things a little less fussy, there are several boutique style resorts such as the Heritages Suites Hotel, the Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa and the Natura Resort, which provide fine alternatives to luxury and romantic relaxation.

Siem Reap’s immediate proximity to Angkor Wat and its neighbouring archaeological wonders provide plenty of cultural stimulation for newlyweds to relate to the vast sweep of history that is evident all around.

Some private fine dining in the evening light of one of the great monuments is a splendid way to feel special. Other related ways to enjoy the monuments is to enjoy private sunset cocktails overlooking the East Baray, or perhaps take a sunset gondola ride of the Angkor Thom moat, enjoying Champagne and canapés as you imbibe the vibe.

For active couples, trekking or cycling among the grand ruins is a great way to enjoy being together, but if you want something more dramatic, a microlight flight over the monuments is a real thrill. Another fun thing to do is to enjoy the zip lines and aerial bridges in the jungle canopy at ‘The Flight of the Gibbon’, situated within the Angkor Archaeological Park, a great way to explore each other’s abilities and perhaps even see the gibbons.

If the beach is calling, southern Cambodia has some fine examples, and the premier honeymoon resort is the Song Saa Private Island Resort, offshore from the larger island of Koh Rong, close to Sihanoukville, and is the perfect beach getaway for luxurious leisure.

With pristine waters surrounding the two small islets of Song Saa, interconnected by a bridge, you can enjoy a stilted overwater villa or a jungle villa, each with its own private pool. Neighbouring Koh Rong is Cambodia’s top diving spot, and the resort is an excellent location from which to enjoy exploring its underwater habitat, or go kayaking and snorkelling.

Back on mainland Cambodia, Sihanoukville is the main beach area and its best resort is the Sokha Beach, fronting the beach of the same name.

If you are an environmentally minded, exploratory couple, while there is much about Cambodia’s poor conservation record to lament, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is a shining beacon of an eco-resort at Ta Tai, at the gateway to the Cardamom Mountains, and an excellent place to explore the country’s last true wilderness and encounter its endangered wildlife.

The accommodation is at once surprising and delightful. Set on a string of individual floating balcony platforms on the river, impressively spacious and nicely furnished tented villas provide an excellent waterborne stay, living with the sounds and motion of the river.

Romantically lovely as it is, the real reason to spend time here is to explore the natural surroundings of the Cardamoms, kayaking the rivers and mangroves, meeting the locals or delving into the rainforest to discover its rich flora, bird and animal life.