The amazing landscapes of China are the focal points of much of the country’s adventure opportunities, enabling you to enjoy sport and fun in some truly breathtaking locations.  

Yangshuo, downriver from Guilin, is China’s major centre for rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and caving. Climbing the majestic formations is a truly stunning way to enjoy the thrill of upward forays amid the superb views, in a range of grades from those suited to first-time climbers, right through to the most challenging pitches and overhangs. The rock conditions and optimum climbing temperatures are at their best during September to December. 

The Myung White River area, near Beijing, and Fumin, near Kunming, both offer good cliff climbs, with over a hundred routes at each location. 

If you are visiting the Simitai section of the Great Wall, near Beijing, there is an unmissable opportunity to zip-line from this iconic World Wonder over Mandarin Duck Lake. If that isn’t enough, try zip-lining between the beautiful karst towers of Yangshuo, near Guilin, as part of an abseiling adventure. There is also a zip line at the canyon of Zhangjiajie, near Wulingyuan, close to the awesome glass-bottomed bridge between the canyon walls. 

The stunning otherworldly Wulingyuan Scenic Area also has around 40 caves along the Suoxi River, often used for Olympic training, where you can do some rafting. Other rafting sites in the area are the Loushui, Maoyan and Mengdong Rivers. Wulingyuan’s largest cave is the 15 kilometre Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave. A visit to Huanglong is augmented by the fabulously constructed waterwheels at the cave's entrance.

More rafting and kayaking adventures are available in the area around Chengdu, on the Hongkou River,  Zijiang River, near Guilin, and Xiling Gorge, Wangyou Valley and the Shunan Bamboo Sea in Yibin. 

For the Bungee fanatic, there are some good opportunities to enjoy a jump, most notably at the awesome Macau Tower in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, just over the border from the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai. Other sites include the Olympic Centre in Beijing, Shidu Nature Park in Fangshan District, just west of the city, while Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou provides yet another. 

There are ample opportunities to enjoy skiing and snowboarding activities in China. In the Beijing area, the Huaibei, Beidahu, Wanlong, Nanshan and Genting Secret Garden Ski Resorts ably provide for visitors to the capital. 

Further north, above the Korean Peninsula, Yabuli Ski Resort serves as the training ground for the Chinese national winter sports teams, while Alshan Ski Resort, Wanda Changbaishan International Resort and Changbaishan Natural Skiing Area provide alternatives in this area.  

To the south, near Chengdu, the area of Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is often described as the oriental Alps for its alpine style skiing.