Laos is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts looking to enjoy stunning scenery, wildlife, indigenous culture, and wilderness combined with exciting activities such as Rafting, Kayaking, Zip wires, Mountain Biking, Caving and Climbing.


In Bokeo Province, a delightful eco-friendly project, known as the ‘Gibbon Experience’ enables you to stay in canopy-high thatched jungle treehouses and explore the nature reserve via a series of treetop zip lines.

With the prevalence of tumbling rivers almost everywhere, rafting and kayaking adventures are readily available. Depending on the time of year some of these rapids can be challenging.

In Luang Namtha Province, The Nam Fa and Nam Ha and Nam Tha rivers offer excellent 2-4 grade rafting/kayaking for up to four days, through the northern forests, populated with wildlife and various tribes with the watercourses at their best between October and February.

In Luang Prabang Province, 1-4 grade rides are also available along the The Nam Ou and Nam Xeuang rivers. Gentle river travels are also available in many stretches of these and other rivers.

A popular portal for activities based adventures is the town of Vang Vieng, set in stunning karst scenery, with excellent rock climbing, trekking, caving, zip wires, biking, kayaking and rafting all available.

Numerous caves abound within the landscape, including the wonderful 7 km Tham Nam (Water Cave). With over 90 established climbing routes, and a further 40 in nearby Pha Tang, the area is also popular with rock climbers.

Unfortunately, the otherwise outstanding beauty of the area is somewhat marred by the town itself, however, which has become a fun stop on the global backpacker trail. Theft is common, and especial care is required by unwary visitors in the some of the restaurants, who have been known to offer ‘special’ or ‘happy’ items on the menu containing various drugs.

It should also be noted that we use only professional, qualified experts and that some of the activities available locally in Vang Vieng, especially tubing, are operated by unregulated companies, often using poor equipment, and can be extremely dangerous, with injuries annually commonplace. There have also been a number of deaths. If you are in Vang Vieng and elect to book an activity privately from a local provider, please exercise great care.

Another climbing hotspot is Thakhek with over 170 established routes. The area is also home to Konglor Cave, navigable by boat and nearly 8km in length, which although one of the least known of the country’s underground caverns, is one of the best.


One of the star attractions in Champasak Province is the Tree Top Explorer, with its canopy walkway and network of canopy zip lines, the longest of which is 400m. Another wire dizzyingly traverses the face of the spectacular 100m high Kamet Waterfall, one of the most amazing rides you'll ever find. Accommodation is in thatched tree houses, also interconnected, by zipwires. 

Also in Champasak Province, the area around the ’four thousand islands’ is an excellent location for both peaceful and challenging rafting and kayaking and is the widest stretch of the Mekong River, close to Khone Papheng Falls.