For the Buddhist visitor, or indeed anyone interested in in the philosophical underpinning of the belief system, or even for poor stressed souls just looking to escape the turmoil and confusion of the modern world, staying at a retreat in Bhutan as can provide a real holiday, even away from your familiar self. 

With countless monasteries and temples gracing these tranquil Himalayan lands, there are many opportunities for both existing practitioners and curious visitors interested in Bhutan’s deep cultural backdrop to stay at a retreat for anything from a few hours, several days or even a couple of weeks, studying meditation and yoga or simply imbibing the calm tranquillity. 

Nor need wellness meditation and yoga prevent you from the delights of seeing the amazing landscapes of the country, as you can visit several of the most revered Buddhist sites in the country and trek the mountains whilst maintaining your daily practice. 

In a real sense, all travel is a journey through more than one dimension and any holiday is worthless if we do not return changed, even in some very subtle way.

On a secular level, for the contemplative tourist, regardless of their beliefs, this type of experience also has the added benefit of providing a true understanding of the thematic principles which govern the Bhutanese way of life and which have influenced its development and popular culture for centuries.