Singapore abounds with greenery and floral displays, and as any visitor to prestigious international shows such as the hallowed RHS Chelsea flower show in London will know, the country always provides a spectacular display attracting lavish praise.

In Singapore itself, numerous public garden spaces provide breathtakingly beautiful floral displays, none more so than the innovatively landscaped modern 'Gardens by the Bay', a vast temple to the joys of horticulture, art, sculpture and public events, providing a truly stunning sensory feast at any time of year which, together with Singapore’s many other delightful gardens, provides more than enough reason for the flower enthusiast to visit the country.

Since 2006, Singapore has taken a leaf out of Chelsea’s book and enthusiastically embraced the international floral scene, hosting the Singapore Garden Festival, held biennially, and attracting entries from award-winning international garden designers, as well as Singapore’s own remarkably talented floral and highly gifted landscape exponents.

The show is currently the only tropical international garden show, and in true Singaporean style has already put itself up there with the very best, and now attracts some 400,000 visitors during its week-long show.

The show gardens are divided into several different categories such as Landscape and Fantasy Gardens, ‘Windows on the World’, Balcony Gardens, Miniature Gardens, and specialist plant displays including wonderful orchids.