All Visitors must be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months after the date of departure from Bhutan. It should also be noted that, as there are no existing arrangements in Bhutan for the replacement of lost or stolen passports, taking care of your passport is therefore especially crucial.

It may also be prudent to separately carry a photocopy of your passport and additional forms of ID.

It is not possible simply to wander into Bhutan. In all cases, entry into Bhutan is conditional on possession of an itemised tour itinerary provided through an authorised tour company, such as ourselves.

With the exception of Indian nationals, a visa is required by all visitors to Bhutan and is issued on arrival subject to your providing the requisite information to your tour company, who will make the application on your behalf.

Please note that your tour must be paid in full before your visa can be approved, after which an approval letter will be issued to your tour operator and to the national carrier, Druk Air, who will then issue your flight tickets. 

Upon arrival in Bhutan, Your visa will be stamped into your passport, and will be valid for the duration of your tour programme. 

Additional permits are required for entry into temples and visiting all regions of Bhutan outside the Paro and Thimphu valleys and, where necessary, these additional documents will be procured on your behalf by your tour company in accordance with your settled itinerary.