The national currency of Cambodia is the Riel (r), with note denominations of 50 riel, 100 riel, 200 riel, 500 riel, 1000 riel, 2,000 riel, 5,000 riel, 10,000 riel, 20,000 riel, 50,000 riel and 100,000 riel. 

As the US dollar is universally accepted in Cambodia, it is by far the most practical currency to carry, though it is prudent to have a contingency of Riel for smaller purchases, as change for US currency may be given in Riel. In Western areas of Cambodia the Thai Baht is also widely accepted. 

Traveller’s cheques in US dollars, and Euros are exchangeable at branches of Acleda Bank. The bank’s ATM machines are not currently compatible with western credit / debit cards, but major hotels, and upmarket restaurants and shops accept Visa and MasterCard.