Cambodia’s dry season runs from November to April. December and January are the ‘coolest’ months, with an average temperature range of 21-32º C, and are therefore the most popular times for visitors, a side effect of which is that major sites tend toward crowding.

From February the weather becomes increasingly drier, hotter and dustier, culminating in Cambodia’s hottest month of April with average temperatures of between 24-35º C and peak temperatures reaching in excess of 40º C.  

During May and June, the temperatures begin to ease off only slightly and gradually, with the arrival of the wet season, which lasts through to October and is characterised by high humidity, heavy short downpours, mostly occurring during late afternoon or evening, with maximum rainfall peaking in September.

Although the wet season can be wet, hot and sticky, Cambodia’s nature flourishes during these months, with the country green and lush. If visiting Cambodia’s main attractions, this should not present an obstacle to travel, particularly for the early months of the wet season, though if planning travel to remote areas, localised flooding can interrupt journeys and hamper travel plans.

Although the north of the country has a slightly cooler winter, weather patterns remain fairly constant throughout the country. February is considered the best month for Cambodia’s beach resorts.