The dry season in Laos runs from November to May.

November to mid February are the ‘coolest’ months, with an average temperature range of 17-29º C, and are therefore the most popular times for visitors.

From February the weather becomes increasingly warmer, and during the hottest month, April, average temperatures reach between 20-32º C, with peaks of around 37º C.

In southern Laos, in the area around Pakse, during the period from March to May daytime temperatures can peak at temperatures in excess of 40º C, and night temperatures averaging 27º C and often hotter.

The high northern mountains, owing to their altitude are significantly cooler and can even reach freezing during the winter. In the capital, Vientiane, winter temperatures can drop as low as 15º C.

During June and July, the temperatures begin to ease off gently with the arrival of the wet season which is characterised by high humidity, with average temperatures ranging from 24-31º C and typified by heavy short downpours, between which sunshine will again emerge.

Although localised flooding can interrupt journeys, and hamper overland travel plans during the wet season, river transport often becomes easier, and is the preferred method of transportation during this period.