The Thai national currency is the Baht (B), and available in note denominations of 10 B, 20 B, 50 B, 100 B, 500 B and 1,000 B. Coinage denominations are 1B, 5 B and 10 B and also in 25 Satang (cent) and 50 Satang pieces.  

ATM machines and banks are widely distributed throughout Thailand, and are only unavailable in the most remote areas. Most major credit and Debit cards are also accepted my most businesses, but travellers should exercise extreme caution, as card fraud is a frequent and widespread problem in Thailand.

It is especially recommended not to allow transactions to take place out of sight. Many particularly smaller businesses still use carbon style machines, from which it is easy to clone cards and particular attention to such transactions is advised, and probably best avoided.

Traveller’s cheques can be cashed at many exchange facilities, with banks providing the best rates. Local currency can also be readily bought with cash, with US dollars being the most widely accepted purchasing currency.