Directly south of the main body of Luzon, the island of Mindoro is famed for its dive resorts, beaches and mountainous interior, a great trekking location inhabited by the Mangyan Peoples.


At the north of the island, near Puerto Galera, the delightful coves and splendid beach resorts of Dulangan, Tabinay, Talipanan, Aninuan, White, Balete, Encenada, Sabang La Laguna Coco and Halige are the main attractions and the whole area is a great snorkelling and diving destination, suited to all levels.

Yet more beach delights can be found on the nearby islands of Medio and Paniquian.

The top dive spots in the area are Batangas Channel, Monkey Beach, Verde Island Dropoff, Hole in the Wall, Canyons, Sinandigan Wall and Washing Machine, amusingly named after its characteristic turbulence.

Inland from Puerto Galera, the 2,586 metre (8,482 feet) Mount Halcon is regarded as the Philippines most challenging climb, taking four days to complete the journey up and down.

Near Sablayan, on the west coast of Mindoro, the Pandan island pair are good for their beaches, snorkelling and diving but the real prize of a visit here is further offshore at the Apo Reef atoll. Apo Reef Natural Park is renowned for its crystalline waters which are home to nearly 200 coral types and almost 300 fish species, including white tip, black-tip and hammerhead sharks.

To the east of Sablayan, the top inland trekking spot is Mount Iglit-Baco National Park, an ASEAN Heritage park, a wild area of grasslands and mountains, famed for its population of endemic Tamaraw Buffalo and other interesting wildlife.  

The park also has a number of endemic birds, such as the Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Mindoro Scops Owl, Black-hooped Coucal, Heart Pigeon and Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker.

The park contains the headwaters of eight of the island's major rivers, and is also home to many of the indigenous tribes and their sacred places. Mountain hikes include the ascent of the 2,364 metre (7,756 feet) Mount Iglit.

On the southeast coast of Mindoro, near Bulalacao, a host of beaches and sandy coves straggle along the headland and several near-deserted offshore islands coast await the intrepid visitor. A little further up the coast, near Mansalay, Bukot Beach is another very fine stretch of sand.