The narrow strip of water that separates Samar from Layte is crossed via the arching span of the San Juanico Bridge.


Close to the bridge, the town of Basey is the focal point for visiting Samar’s greatest natural treasure, to be found upriver at Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge National Park, a narrow gorge enclosed with limestone features, delightful to the eye, one of which imparts its name to the park. The area also has a number of interesting caves, some at water level, to explore.

Caves are also a feature of the area around Catbalogan, where several cave systems abound, including the amazing subterranean worlds of Jiabong, Calbiga and Guinogo-an Caves. Nearby waterfalls include Bangan Mawacat and Larik.

At Samar’s northern tip there are two island groups that beckon enthusiastic sightseers. To the north, the Biri islands offer wild rugged seacapes, while out to the west, the Balicuatro Islands of Dalupiri and Capul offer some good beaches.

Further westward, far out to sea, the small and remote San Vicente cluster, with its unusual pink sand beaches, is reachable by boat from Dalupiri.

Jutting out from the far south of Samar, the island of Calicoan draws surfers to its breaks.